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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WiseCraft Wicca 101 Class Now Forming

Classes Now Forming

Event Details: Our next hands-on/in-person WiseCraft Wicca 101 class will begin on Feb. 27, 2013 in Muskogee. This WiseCraft Wicca 101 class is a comprehensive year-and-a-day study program combining academic materials with Wiccan activities designed to help the Seeker/Dedicant student candidate become a fully functioning practitioner of WiseCraft, our version of eclectic Wicca. Classes will meet approximately every two weeks with a final class in approximately March of 2014. Students who complete this course will have the option to undergo an Initiation Ritual as a Solitary Priest/Priestess 

Fees associated with this class are "love donations" which helps with costs and expenses associated with materials, time and rent/utilities of the Yesterways covenstead. However, students will not be turned away based on inability to pay. Yesterways is a teaching organization and strives to work with seekers of all economic levels.

Our informational meeting will be held in late January or early February. Watch for details on time and location. At this meeting students and teacher can interact and ask questions. Students accepted into the class will be contacted with time and location of class meetings.

NOTE: If you can't attend in person classes, contact us regarding mentored online classes.